Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hell is...

So, here is a girl...I might have posted her before. The shading is better in person, of course. 

And I really wanted to stamp "hell is other people" on her, my new favorite quote. I was using the alphabet stamps that I carved myself, and I thought were going to take up more space so I thought I'd put two words at the top and two at the bottom, but the first two didn't take up very much space. I was a little torn then, because leaving a HUGE space between the words - two all the way at the top and two way down at the bottom - seemed silly.

But I just went with it! I'm happy. She rocks my socks. 


  1. I think it turned out perfect- I like that you stamped the "other" over her neck instead of trying to make it all fit down on her body. Love it Goog!

    1. Thanks!! I was totally torn about that - stamp on her or not on her? But I think it's fine. Now I'm wondering if I should color in the letters! I'm going to try it in photoshop and see if I like it, then maybe apply it to the real thing. We'll see.

  2. Replies
    1. p.s. the stamps are awesome!

    2. Thank you! I like the stamps, too. Too me FOREVER to carve them, but now I'm thinking I need an uppercase set. And what about that stupid P! I forgot to carve out the inside of the circle!