Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Middle

Suzi gave me a couple of books yesterday for inspiration and one of them is a book that the lady has all these questions that are supposed to make you "think" about stuff. For me, thinking is a simple process. I would MUCH RATHER think about something that has an answer. A problem with a solution - I might not know what the solution IS, but it's there and I can find it.

One of the questions reads: What is in between our inside and our outside? The answer comes to me instantly: our middle. Done. Now, if this person was before me, asking me this question, here is where she would start backpedaling. "No, ok, but - " or "All right, but - " or "That's not really what I meant" or on and on and on. People make up these things and inside their own head they sound so complicated. Then they put them out there in the world and they're like "Look how complicated I am. Look at the type of stuff I think up. Aren't I inspiring?"

And my own friends agree and think these people are inspiring. And they expect me to find this inspirational and "get me thinking" about what is between my inside and my outside. Well, I know the answer. My middle.

But I have something for you all to debate amongst yourselves. In New York, that little ball of fried dough that comes out of the middle of the donut, we call a "munchkin". That's what they are a Dunkin' Donuts. For us, it's like when you call a copy a "xerox" or a tissue a "kleenex". Here and in Florida, they call it a donut hole. Now, before you go talking smack about New Yorkers, I want you to think about this: holes are not balls. You can have a ball-shaped hole. But a hole, by definition, is an empty space. A hollowed place in something solid. An empty pit. Look it up.

On that note, here is a stamp I carved for our Soul Garden chatters yesterday:


  1. Beautiful stamp-I love it! I thought I was the only person sitting reading those kinds of books and thinking my life must be incredibly dull and I must be incredibly stupid to not have some great insightful anwser that makes me want to create the journal page of all journal pages. I have not journaled in so long and I think it's because I stopped having fun with it and it all got too serious. I love that your anwser is the middle. I think it's a damn good anwser :)

    1. I never make simple things complicated. I just don't know how to do that. Simple works for me!

  2. It's a donut MIDDLE! lol

    It also irks me when women say they 'pluck' their eyebrows. What are you a chicken?! There's a reason they are called Tweezers and not Pluckers.

    So what does inspire you? :)

    1. The definition of pluck is: to pull off or out from the place or growth. So "pluck" works for eyebrows. Tweezers are not primary for the purpose of ripping hair out of people's faces, they were designed for picking up and holding things that are too small for you to hold easily in your hand. Personally, I don't rip any hairs out of my face, my eyebrows are what they are!

      As for inspiration, I don't look outside of myself for it. It's very rare for me to "feel inspired" by something. Not totally unheard of, but pretty rare. Last night I dreamed about stamp carving - I woke up this morning and carved a stamp. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas and stuff just floating around in my head. External stuff doesn't have that much appeal to me. If I think something looks cool or interesting, I often take a picture of it. If I see a pretty sunset, I might use those colors on a journal page. But mostly I just make a mess and see what happens!