Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Holy Paper Grail

I've been QUESTING for paper. Paper that I could bind into journals and use for cartoons with my copic markers. Just last week, I decided I didn't like the pressure I was putting on myself to make a cartoon page every day. It was stressing me out. THEN I found the perfect paper. If I believed in signs, I'd take this as the universe telling me that quitting is a dumbass idea, but I don't. So there. It's called Rendr and I got mine at Blick's Art Supply. It came in pads and books, but the books didn't open wide enough for me. I'm a lefty, I ned that sucker to really lay flat. So I got a pad. And now I want to draw cartoons again. 

Here's the pad:

I used a REALLY dark copic on it, RV69. Scribbled, let it dry. Again. A third time.

It's like MAGIC!

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