Monday, August 20, 2012

Naked Friend Time

Ok, so I like to take baths...not to get clean or anything, I know I'm soaking in my own filth in there. But I like to read in the tub. I like to read on the couch, too. And in bed. And at school during dinner break. But the tub is warm and watery and relaxing. Sometimes me and Kelly will text that one of us is getting in the tub and the other will say "Good idea! Me, too!" We call it "Naked Friend Time" and we soak in our respective tubs together and text and read and stuff. Is it odd?  Last night, hubby intercepted her text to me and blushed like we were talking about sex or something! Hubby was completely mortified. I think it's fun. It's not like we're naked on camera or anything. I really wanted a cookie and Kelly said to take it with me in the tub, so I did.


  1. Mmm cookie.

    I am the complete opposite -- I dislike baths immensely! And anything that involves getting wet and then having to shower/dry off after. So much work.

    But the baths...I never feel like I can fit all of me under the water, so I get cold, and I also never feel like the tub is clean enough, even if I JUST cleaned it. My hubby loves baths, though, especially icy ones. Eek! :)

    1. It's SO GROSS, isn't it?? I KNOW it's gross and yet - I can't help it. I love baths. They always make me feel better. And I don't know why, but I really like to read in there. If hubby catches me in there with my nook, I'll be in trouble, but so far I haven't dunked it!