Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A goal for this year

NOT a resolution. To me, resolutions are setups to failure. The problem with them is, they feel like rules and make me want to rebel. I have no idea why, I'm an asshole like that. Which is contradictory because I'm TOTALLY a rule-follower! I'm always perfectly uniformed at work, I do exactly what's expected at school, my GPA is 3.92 and I'm in the NTHS. But in general? I'm like "Who's going to know if I don't do it exactly like I'm supposed to? No one? Excellent!" (Insert idiotic laugh here.)

Anyway, my goal: to bring art into more aspects of my life. I LOVE the way Alisa Burke uses art in her home, in her clothing, in all aspects of her life. I want there to be more handmade/homemade stuff in my life. I want table runners and pot holders and aprons. I want to make quilts out of my son's baby clothes (I have them ALL and he's about to turn 6!!) and I want to upcycle/recycle things. I want COLOR in my life - paint, curtains, throw pillows. I want an Advent calendar for next year and it's going to take some planning and some work (I have the idea cooking, but it's not ready to share). I want a creative job, and I have an informational interview that I'm hoping is going to help with that on 1/11.

I've been working on the self-portrait taking and check this one out - I don't understand why I look so surprised, it's not like I snuck up on myself with the camera.

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