Thursday, January 3, 2013

P365/Project Life-ish

I don't like standardized projects. Not purposely or anything, I just end up not liking them. But I like the IDEA of them. For Project 365 - why shouldn't you pull out a camera and take a picture every day? I take zillions of pictures, all the time, constantly - but not every single day. But I completed P365 (it was really 366) for 2012. However, since my goal wasn't actually to become a better photographer, what was the point? Sure, I liked it, and there were definitely days that I wouldn't have taken a pic without the app prompting me, but I think I'd like there to be more purpose. Enter: Project Life. I don't really "get" what PL is, other than there are these binders and page protectors and "stuff" that goes along with it and I know that it's sort of scrapbooking meets art journal for most people, and straight scrapbooking for some and that it's about keeping tack of the every day moments.

So, here is my plan: I'm going to take a picture every day, and I'm going to make a mini scrapbook page with it. Why just HAVE all these pictures if I'm not doing anything with them? So, I'm making them coaster-sized. Approximately 4x4 inches. I have lots of coasters, mostly squares but also some circles, triangles, and rectangles. Right now I'm thinking I'll make the pages, print them and put them on the coasters, then eventually make a shadow box or something with the "best" of 2013. We'll see if I get that far, but here is my first page:

The kit I used is called Sir Plays-A-Lot and is a collab by Sweet Digi Scraps and Etc by Danyale


  1. I'm doing Project 365, too, but just so I can document my life. I don't care if I become a better photographer, either. :)

    1. I was doing it for half a year before I even realized that's what P365 is supposed to be for!! I just thought it was for fun :)