Friday, January 4, 2013


P365 Page Two

The other night, after I put Liam to bed, I just wanted to wake him up and play games with him! I know it's silly, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed with the feeling that life is SO fleeting and screw getting enough sleep and let's have cake for dinner and stuff like that. So I climbed into his little Lightning McQueen bed and since he was awake anyway, I took silly pictures of us! This is going to be coaster #2. I think I'm going to try and print several this weekend. I should have #3 done (since it's the 4th) but my computer had a brain fart last night and randomly shut down so I lost the layout I was working on. I'm going to recreate it, it was AWESOME, but I wish it was finished!! Babbling already and I haven't even had coffee yet. Gotta go to work now!

HA! Nearly forgot (OK, I did forget and hit "publish", then had to revert to draft) - the kit is a freebie from Liz at Sweet Digi Scraps (check out her blog) called Grazzi.

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