Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint and Chronicle - Laurel Burch!

If you Google her, you'll know EXACLTY who Laurel Burch is, I promise. Suzi mentioned how inspired she was by Laurel and, of course, I had to research her because I'm nerdy like that. My journal page here is based of of Suzi's, and is obviously not finished :)

"Focus" is my OLW for 2013 because it's something I have trouble with. Not just in my everyday life (although that, too) but OVERALL in my life. I have NO IDEA where I want to be in five years, what I want to be doing. I'm going to school for Visual Communication which was supposed to lead to game design, but the program was cancelled so I need to figure out what's next for me.

My colors are bright and a little silly, like Laurel. I'm going to try and do MORE pages like this during the month of January.

PS Maybe I'll even post some finished ones!!