Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday Skart

Remember You Suck Monday? Well, we've reinstated it, just a little differently. Kelly, Ajae, and I are doing a weekly skart date again! We have about 2 hours in between all kids getting on buses and me having to leave for work, so we're using that as skart time. How amazing are we? It's the BEST way to start the day, trust me.

Ajae got us all these journals, they're the newest Strathmore ones with the professional-looking brown cover. Every week we're going to work on a page or a spread, trying to finish last week's before this Monday. So, this one I started on 1/7 and finished on 1/13, except for the journaling, which I added 1/14 during skart time. This week I'll do better and be finished on time!! (Or maybe not, you just never know with me, do you??)

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