Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Laurel Burch

Remember when I said she was our January person for the Masters Program? I haven't forgotten, I swear! I drew these Wednesday night and I'm posting them here because if I tell you I'm going to finish them, then I will. Not that you actually care if I "let you down", but I do, so it's a way to trick myself into doing something. Pretty smart, huh?

Laurel Burch is best known for her cats, but I don't really like cats. I'll probably draw a few (I do HAVE one and everything), but I'm just not a cat lover. So I decided I wanted to draw seahorses!

A couple of them are "cracked out" (Kelly's words) and the last one is angry (and female, according to Kelly). Aren't they fun? Now, whenever I do things like this (remember the blue jays?) all I do is search for what I want to draw. In this case "seahorse cartoon" or "cartoon seahorse". So, none of these is my original idea, they all came from a Yahoo search (except the second one from the top, he's from a photograph I saw on Alisa Burke's blog).

So, here are some silly seahorses for you and I'm going to color them TODAY and post something for you tomorrow. Maybe not all of them will be done, but they'll at least be started. Oh, let me give you the basic plan idea: draw, outline, color with Copics, doodle with like-colored metallic gel pens. I'm hoping to at least get them all colored with the Copics by tonight.

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