Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Not sure if we're going to keep calling it You Suck Monday. It's got kind of a negative mindset, and last year was negative enough to last a lifetime. It was just a very Indigo year - nothing "happened", nothing specific, it was just a slow, dragging, heavy, mostly art-less year. 2013 is going to be better. It's already better.

I might have already told you guys, but Ajae got herself, me, and Kelly these journals:

And we decided that it would be the MOST fun to work in them together. Monday is a sort of sad/strange/crazy day for a lot of people. With the concept of YSM, we embrace the sucky. Go with the sucky. We started in our new journals together and Ajae declared it to be the worst journal page she'd ever made. I've shown you mine individually, but I want you to see them all together, imagine them as one journal:

The second Monday of January, Ajae decided that her page was the worst ever and I reminded her that she'd said that about last week's.This was mine:

Week three and I had ZERO ideas in my head, but I wanted to make wings, so I did. But it was while we were all still sort of getting coffee and settling in. I wanted them to dry so I could keep working on the page, so I glued them down while the others were getting ready and said nothing. Then Ajae said something about wings. Isn't it crazy how you sometimes think exactly the same thing as someone else?

Today I was channeling my inner Jane Davenport and drew this chick with InkTense pencils. A little paint and it was done.

I gotta tell you, the BEST part about this whole thing is having something DONE in the morning before I go to work. Not just stuff that's ALL about someone else - yes, the kid is on the bus in clean clothes, with his lunch box (most of the time), and all of his folders. But this is for me. Selfish or not, I need things that are just for me. This is me time, with my friends, doing something with NO expected outcome. That angle page is fugly. I don't even care. I don't have the urge to paint over her or cover her up. She is what she is. I'm letting go and it feels really good.

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