Friday, January 25, 2013

Lesson Learned

So, Laurel Burch, our January master, ended up being more fun that I thought she would, but I think I'm finished with her. I'm really happy with the way my seahorses, elephants, and giraffes came out. These three are my absolute favorites:

The top one is marker, of course, and the bottom two are watercolor (cheap watercolors). I have zero desire to explore LB's process any farther. Don't get me wrong - this is NOT her process, necessarily, I just mean the silly colors for things, the un-realistic approach to real things. I liked it, but it's relatively simple. There is always satisfaction in finishing something, but I think this is about as far as I'm going to go with it.

Kelly, Ajae, and I are going to attempt the whole "100 canvases" thing, but I think we're not going to be strictly canvases. If I get these framed and hung on the wall, they're totally going to count. I'm a little confused about how to frame watercolors, though. Mats? Fixative first? Will the paint stick to the glass? And, of course, they're an awkward size - 7x10. I was thinking 8.5x11 inch frames. Document frames, they're called, and they're sometimes just glass sandwiches with no real sides. I find that sort of appealing. And do they need backgrounds? Edging? I won't bore you with a zillion more pictures of them, but if I get them on the wall, I'll share. WHEN. When I get them on the wall.

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