Sunday, November 7, 2010

Failure IS an option

I can't do image transfers. Can't. I don't know why. At first I was convinced it was my printer - it's InkJet, everything I read said it had to be LaserJet. Then I read that my particular printer WOULD work. It's an HP with Vivera inks and apparently everyone on the planet can do image transfers except me. I've tried everything - letting the gel medium dry completely and then wetting the paper and peeling it off, burnishing then peeling while the medium is still wet. I've tried gloss gel and matte gel. I just need to stop, I know, but everyone's doing it...

Here's the page:
The spread:And after failure was apparent, I did what any self-respecting mixed-media artist would do: covered it up. First with gesso, then water soluble crayon, a little collage, some drippy paint. I might add some words, but I won't bore you with my thoughts.

One last picture. This is the ONLY successful transfer I've EVER done, but it wasn't done like you're "supposed to" do it. It's Mini Me's little face. He was only six or seven months old, just starting to pull himself up onto things (mostly the legs of my pants) to try and walk. He's got his little head on my knee and is staring at me adoringly. He was the sweetest little baby. Anyway, I did this one by applying gloss gel medium to the image, not the transfer substrate. I let it dry overnight and applied another coat, let that one dry all day (I was determined to make it work!!), and applied a third coat. The next day (or maybe even the one after) I soaked it in water and when I rubbed away the paper, the image peeled away like skin. It was actually kind of cool. But it doesn't give that shabby 'transfer" look that everyone seems to love and be able to do. Sigh...guess I have to accept my limitations!

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