Sunday, November 14, 2010

Self-guided Workshops at Suzi Skool!

OK, I know I talk about it a lot, but I love Suzi Skool. I think Suzi is a really fun instructor, she explains things in a very clear way, she is very encouraging, and also TOTALLY approachable. She convinced me I can draw. And paint. She is the reason that I can SAY I am an artist. Maybe you don't think I am, but Suzi does. Maybe you don't think YOU are, but Suzi does. Anyway, she's offering some of her previous classes as self-guided workshops. Only $35 for THREE classes. "The Goddess and the Poet" which is realistic stylized faces, "Piety and Passion" which is 3/4 and profile faces, and "Angels" which is kind of a mix between Petit Dolls and more realistic faces - but there is something about this class that I just loved. I can't really pinpoint what it was, it was just a special class to me, I really enjoyed it and think the whole world should take it! So, a "self-guided" workshop means that Suzi will not be a presence in the classroom. The videos are your to download and keep forever, which I think is amazing (and it means I can watch them on my iPhone wherever I happen to be at the moment), and Suzi's ning is just a very special, safe, wonderful place. I've made real friends there. Friends that I have met in person or face-to-face skype. Friends who visited the hospital when my son was sick, and friends who want me to spend holidays with them. Friends who drove 16 hours from Canada to spend the weekend on my couch. Friends who I text and chat with every single day. Now, something that bothers me is when someone expects you to sign up for classes but you can't really tell what kind of teacher they're going to be. THIS is Suzi's YouTube channel. I still like to go back and watch the old "Art Journal Playshops" videos because they're amazing. So if you're looking for a class to take that's not a whole bunch of money, this is the way to go. It's TONS of videos and I really think you'll love them. Oh, and I'm a moderator for the classroom, along with my friend Wendy, so there ARE people available for questions if you've got them!

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  1. Oh! Very cool - thank you for the suggestion - I will check it out! I have been loving our Willowing class so much that it has inspired me to do more more more . . . Hoping to do the new class in Jan . . .
    Thank you for the thoughts and for your sweet comments, xo