Tuesday, November 2, 2010


OK, the above stands for National Novel Writing Month. Feel free to look it up if you've never heard of it, I don't make these things up. I have a HUGE pet peeve with what people change "NaNoWriMo" to. For example, I got a Facebook message talking about NaNoJouMo and how that meant we were supposed to journal everyday. I gotta tell ya - National Novel Journal Month just doesn't really seem correct. How about NaJouWriMo? Doesn't that make more sense? National Journal Writing Month. Seems better to me. I really hate when someone is supposed to be a leader of some kind - Hey, come join this group I've started, it's going to be wonderful! - can't get things grammatically correct. Now, I do realize that I have a spelling problem. I'm not a bad speller. In fact, I'm a really GOOD speller. But I have dyslexia. (That's a hard word for someone with dyslexia to spell, in case you were wondering.) So I mix things up and sometimes I post the blog before I realize it. But isn't this just common sense? It's like when an advertisement says "chip's only .59" and I want to say "Your second grade education was free, maybe you should head back there and discuss this with your teacher."

On a different note, I spent most of today organizing the den which now holds all of my art and sewing supplies (including my broken sewing machine). I didn't get to make a lot of art today, but I did work on these two ATCs that I have to show you. I'm playing with my stupid copics and they're just not easy for me. I need some lessons.

OK, and one quick one of Mini while we were waiting for the bus because I think he's a cutie pie.

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  1. Hmm. Could have sworn I commented here yesturday... Anyhoo just wanted to say I really like your distinctive style