Tuesday, November 9, 2010

InkJet image transfers

I know, I know - I said I couldn't do it and them I tried again anyway - twice. I can't help it, I'm stubborn! Here's the original picture...
And it was the last page in my journal and I figured I'd just try it again...didn't work, obviously! For this one, I put the gel medium on the page and stuck the picture to it - it looked like it was going to work until I tried to get the paper off.

This one I put the gel medium on the picture and then stuck it on the page. It started to distort as soon as I started burnishing. I left it to dry completely (overnight) and tried wetting the paper and rubbing it, but you see where it's completely yellow again? The whole thing just rubs right off.
Failure, again.
Oh, well! Guess I'll just have to leave this particular technique out of my work, huh? Well...maybe I'll try the photocopier method...we'll see. I know I should just consider myself incapable of transfers, but I'm VERY stubborn. Determined? Yeah, I like that better. I'm very determined.

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  1. How very frustrating. I wonder if it is paper dependent?