Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Story of Red, the lost Moley

I lost my journal. The one I always have with me. Doodle phone number in. Dates. Grocery lists. Ah-hah! Must be at the grocery store, right? No, how could I have left it there? I haven't even been to the grocery store for DAYS. I would've noticed I didn't have it Must be someplace closer...Hubby, have you seen it? Yes, the one I painted red. Yes, with the little card on the front with the heart. No, it's not in my bag (like I didn't look there???). So, I call the grocery store. I tell the guy on the phone I think I left a little red journal there. He asks if it has a heart with wings on the front! Yes, yes it does! They have Red! Of course, I don't have a car and it's literally freezing out so I can't make Mini walk the mile and a half to the mall to pick him up, so I had to wait.Then when I get there - no one knows where he is! They look in the same red bag and big gray bin several times and I'm just about to freak out because really, who wants someone else's journal?? But they insisted he was there and "I know I saw it today" and now he's home safe and sound and in my bag to have an adventure another day. Maybe today, I've been wanting to check out Frabriano paper...


  1. Oh! How crazy is that?! I love it too - hope it finds it's way back home . . . AND you had me cracking up at the earlier posts - love the phone with the phone thing . . .xo