Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Duck, duck, goose? Nope, that's just my kid.

Mr. and Mrs. Duck were hanging out under a chair at the pool when we got there. They got up before I had a chance to get a good pic, but here they are. I figured we'd scared them off and they were going to leave.

Or not. Liam announces he's going to "swim over and say hello to them".

But it's actually pretty cold and by the time he gets all the way into the water, they're WAY over in the deep end.

I wish you could see this picture better. Mr. Duck is sitting on the side of the pool and Mrs. Duck is sitting IN the pool on the top step of the metal ladder. While my four-year-old spins in circles and yells "I can swim! I'm a mermaid!"
They stayed the WHOLE time we were there. It's always kind of fascinating to me when animals aren't scared of humans (or not scared enough to fly the hell away when we're invading their pool) but it always makes me a little sad, too, because the ones who aren't scared of us are the ones who get run over by cars and shot by hunters. (Then my head goes right to Duck Hunt - who remembers that game? I still have it but the gun doesn't work with LCD screens!)

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