Saturday, June 25, 2011


My mom (Mini calls her Pinkie) is in town! So far all we've done is eat and check out her hotel, but we have plans for baseball, MOA, Cars 2, and much more! Mini is going to stay at the hotel with her for a couple of nights (if the first night goes well, of course) and it's the first time hubby and I will been alone together in over two years! How crazy is that?

I'm glad she's here, but it's going to seriously curb my arting. It's hard to art while someone is talking to you who actually needs your attention. When I art with Kelly, Ajae, and Suzi on skype, they do their thing and I do mine and we hold up things to show each other, but it's very relaxed and mostly we just hang out. Mom expects to be entertained a little. Not a lot, she doesn't think the world revolves around her or anything, but a little. Enough that it's hard to art with her around.

Now that I'm talking about it, I feel like it's a challenge - I can make myself art while she's here...

This is Mini showing her something on her iPad. Good thing she brought it, so her four-year-old grandson could show her how to use it.

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