Monday, June 13, 2011

You Suck Monday: Paper Clay!

I am someone who is OK with limitations. I can't use real clay. I tried, remember? I think most of my problem is I can't knead it. I have an issue with my right hand and arm that prevents me from that kind of thing. Paper clay is a wonderful solution. I really want to make clay stuff! I really, really, really do. So this is a start.

Aluminum foil, a skewer, thin cardstock, and duct tape (it's not "duck", people)
Wings - I just pressed it flat using a bottle of acrylic paint as a rolling pin and cut them out with the edge of those green scissors you can see in the corner (25 cents at Wal-Mart)
Clay over the cardstock/foil/skewer "figure"
This is it with the wings attached, laying on the roll of tape with bits of foil wedged under it so it dries in the position I want it to:
Tomorrow, I'll paint it and see if I like it! So far I think it's pretty cute, and it's exactly what I had in my head so I was successful in that regard. I think I'm going to try and do a more stylized face next time, with features. Maybe. We'll see. Baby steps.

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