Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Suck Monday - Mail Art!

OK, I'm usually WAY better at taking "in progress" pics but today all you get is the finished ones! These are the ones I did tonight:

It's a 4x6 piece of PopTarts box, paint, book text, tissue paper, an owl stamp, a lil chunk of scrapbook paper, and the girl stamp I carved. The photo is crystal clear on my phone and looks like ass here - I have no idea why!

This one I messed up a little. The stamp wasn't clear, so I tried to RE-stamp. Never a good idea. It came out decent, but not good enough to send anyone, so I put it in a journal. 

Believe it or not, we Suckers are a little camera shy and so before YSM we always have a "meeting" on skype. Since we were doing an art-a-long, Kelly being the teacher, she wanted to practice first, so here are the practice ones:

Same process, but this was a brownie box:

(The goal was to have one portrait and one landscape, that's why there's two.)

And since I'm not a paint-waster (user yes, I have no problem using my supplies, but I don't like to waste them) I started on my July/August journal cover and sort of did what I was doing for the Mail Art.
I really love the journal cover and Mini Me calls it "your journal with the pretty cover".

For more about Mail Art (including how to get matched up with a partner to mail art TO, visit our You Suck Monday blog!)

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  1. Yes, you blew (opposite of sucked) those postcards! The recipients are going to be thrilled. Sorry I missed the event.