Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pinkey the Grandma Fish

OK, picture this. Your son's beloved pink beta fish that you got for his 4th birthday and that he calls Pinkey the Pink Grandma Fish (because he calls my mom Pinkey or "the Pink Grandma") and that he picked out himself (he likes pink, what can I say?) seems ill. Pinkey is lying at the bottom of her tank and it looks like she's panting. Now, I don't know much about fish illnesses but I DO feel like once your fish gets sick, there's not a whole lot you can do and they die.

(This photo is just for your visual enjoyment, thisis not our Pinkey)

Pinkey isn't swimming or eating but she's still alive after about a week of this and I ask hubby to try and feed her some peas. They like peas and this way she won't have to swim up to the food, the peas will sink down to her. So he feeds her some peas and she eats. We both think she's still going to die, but this way at least we're not just letting her STARVE to death. Hubby goes to the pet store and talks to the peeps who tell him she's going to die and he gets a new pink fish so we don't have to tell Mini that Pinkey the Grandma Fish died - he's SUPER sensitive. Pinkey2 is on top of the fridge in her little container and we're feeding her, too, and checking on her when Mini isn't around to make sure she's OK in there until it's time to switch them. Hubby feeds Pinkey some more peas and now she starts getting better. Today Pinkey is swimming around, coming over to say hi when you peek in her tank, swimming up for her we have a dilemma. What do we do with Pinkey2??

PS Of course we're going to keep her and give her a tank of her own. It's just such a silly dilemma to have, no?


  1. The dilemma of two loving parents, trying to soften the harsh realities of a sometimes scary world. He's lucky to have you.

  2. They eat peas? Gosh never knew that!