Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Captivating

A week or so ago a blogger that I like posted about how she was going to turn off the comments on her blog because it took too much time and effort to respond to everyone...

Just for the record, I blog for the same reason that I make art. Me. I enjoy blogging. I don't know why I enjoy it. It's like getting my voice out there a tiny bit. I don't have the "too much time and effort" problem but if I DID think it was too much time and effort, I wouldn't shout it out there for you guys to read. I think that's a LOT more insulting than not getting a reply, because now I know it's because I'm not worth the time or effort. I read every single comment someone leaves me - but I know there's a 99% chance you're NOT going to come back and check if I replied, because I NEVER go back and check if people reply when I leave a comment!! So comment or don't, I read them all and occasionally (rarely) respond. Here are some more of my wedding pictures, which I know all 41 of you are just DYING to see!

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  1. I freaking love these and you were BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day!!!

  2. Kelly loves me :)

    It took four hours to do hair and makeup. Four hours. It felt like eternity.