Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy crap this is FUN!!

OK, so the stamp carving was fun and I really wanted to carve more, but I just wasn't sure what to carve...what to carve...what to carve...I toyed with the idea of using a picture, but HOW? Like THIS!!

Start with a picture of Mini Me saying "I quit!" (He's totally posing, not cranky!)

Pen tool...



SO FREAKING FUN!!! I know I just posted about this, but I couldn't help it - this is SO MUCH FUN!


  1. Don't feel bad if yours doesn't look as good as googs. She's got freaky good stamp carving mojo!!!!

  2. What are you using and what is a 'pen tool'? Looks very interesting.

  3. Minnie Me looks sooo cool as a carved stamp! And absolutely adorable in person. I enjoyed meeting you both today!

  4. I used Photoshop and it was AMAZINGLY easy. Super freaking easy.

    Hi, Tammy!