Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rookie Camp

I would like to introduce you to my new little Red.

Things for kids start REALLY slowly in Minnesota (or at least in our suburb). They don't start going to school full-time until first grade (in FL they start at 4 with VPK), they can't play little league until they're 6 (again, in FL they start at 4), no boy scouts until age 7...you get the picture. So this is called "rookie camp" and it's only for the month of June, for one hour on Saturday mornings. It was SUPER cute, and I think he had fun, but he was bored by the end of it and mad when we were leaving and he didn't get to play a game on the baseball field. They just went to "stations" and learned how to throw, catch, bat, and pitch. (Yes, pitching the ball and throwing the ball are two different things for you non-baseball people.) He needs work, but I'll be able to help him now that I know what he needs to work ON. I'm excited. Something we can DO this summer!!

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