Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel Watercolors

I'm not usually someone who wants something just to have it. I have a lot of video game systems - I play them all. I buy DVDs of shows I like - and then I watch them (over and over and over). If I buy expensive paints or paper I use them. I don't save things for special occasions and I don't buy things just because everyone else has them and I need one, too. BUT I really like those little travel watercolor things. I don't even use watercolors!! I don't like things that are water soluble! Why would I want one of those? I don't know. But I do and I have for a long time. I won't buy it because I won't use it (probably). Then I saw this idea and I had to do it.

Kelly gave me this when we were drunk arting:

We used paper clay for this part, and the tops of Glimmer Mist bottles:

Then you just squirt and let them dry!!

Don't lie, you know that's awesome.