Thursday, June 2, 2011

New CT!

I've joined a new Creative Team for digital scrapbooking and I'm pretty excited about it. It's an honor to be chosen because what you do is submit your information and stuff, but also link to galleries of your work and then you get picked or don't. Getting picked makes me happy!

My new team is for Kat's Creations and I REALLY love her work. Her kits are amazingly versatile and she keeps making templates and I freaking LOVE templates! I dunno why, they're just fun for me.

So, these two LOs are both from her kit called Insane Moments and her template pack Scrapping Made Easy Vol. 3

I was just browsing through pictures and I needed to scrap this one...
It made me think of his sweet little baby hair and how soft it was and how he'd ALWAYS wake up smiling. He never started crying when he woke up. He wouldn't even wake US up when he woke up, he'd just hang out until one of us walked in and then he'd smile that toothless little grin.

This is clearly not MY senior prom since I'm an old lady...

One teeny thing before I go - if you're someone who's been thinking about giving digiscrapping a try, a template can be a REALLY great way to get started. It does feel a tiny bit like cheating at first, but no more so than justing one of those layout books that paper scrappers use, or finding a LO in a magazine you like and using it. I'm not so good at placement and templates make things super easy.

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