Friday, December 17, 2010

Art mess!

Jessica Doyle says that keeping my art supplies out where I can see them (and will feel inclined to use them) is not a mess. Would she feel differently if this was her dining room table?I mean, it's not like we eat there or anything (that's right, Nickelodeon, we ARE those people who are contributing to the downfall of the American family by not having dinner at The Family Table) but still. That's coffee in my mason jar glass, by the way. Coffee cups are so SMALL.

And here is a cookie that I made. Plain old chocolate chip, but it came out the size of a biscuit. The stupid pictures I took don't do it justice, it's freaking huge. They all are. That's what happens when you have to substitute a bit of cake flour in your recipe that calls for all-purpose.

The cake flour box said you can use it in place of all-purpose, but don't believe it! Unless you want monster-sized cookies, that it. Then, go crazy!

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