Monday, December 20, 2010


So, the plan was mermaid ATCs. I tried really hard to draw them, I swear. But I can't. I can draw bigger mermaids, but not tiny ones. Now that I've tried a few times and they've come out so horrible, I'm SURE I can't because I block myself that way. I'm terrible about deciding that since I did something a few times and it came out crappy that I'll never be able to (like my attempts at image transfers). So I decided I want to make bookmarks instead!!I stamped them at Kelly's house because she has MILLIONS of stamps (OK, maybe thousands)And then I colored them with copic markers! I'm getting a little better with those stupid things. I'll probably add some sparkles to them, I'm thinking about coloring their tops with my clear glaze marker to they're shiny, and using a green glittery pen on their tails, but I'm pretty dang happy with them at the moment!

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