Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Calendar

Still participating in the calendar project! It's just pages in my regular (Moleskine sketch) journal.

Date circles
Kelly and I made our pages together, and we were thinking circles could be fun this month. She has the coolest punches! I wonder if we can do something else interesting for January? Anyway, the ages are REALLY shimmery and none of the glues we were trying worked so we used regular old Elmer's. To make my circles lay flat, I closed my journal and sat on it - an advanced technique I often use when I'm making journals. Sure, I could stack heavy things on top of it, but a hundred-fifty pound chick is even better.

Oh, and the circles are randomly applied with no dates on them yet. We're just going to pick a circle we like that day and put the date on it.


  1. Fun blog, Goog! I had a giggle while I clicked about. thanks for that!