Wednesday, December 1, 2010


OMG, people, tell me you've missed me because I have MISSED YOU! OK, what I've really missed is wifi. My parents HAVE wifi - they're pretty technologically competent people. But something is wrong with it. Getting a computer to be able to use it is almost impossible. Their computers work just fine, and my old laptop did as's adding a new one to the mix that doesn't work. Even with the correct WEP key, and sitting less than a foot away from the access point my computer could barely get "little or no connectivity". I did a couple of mobile updates, which makes me happy, but I hate that I can't put a title in on a mobile post and then I have to try and use Safari on my iPhone and blah, blah, blah, pain in the ass. Anyway, I have TONS to tell you and a million pictures, but let's start with Flat Stanley. My friend Kelly was JUST talking about Stanley and then I get to my mom's and what do I see?This Stanley belongs to my first cousin once removed, Albert. (That's the child of your first cousin, if you're wondering - no they're not your second cousins.) He sent his Stanley to my mom, who was supposed to take Stanley on an adventure of some kind and then return him, along with the story of what they did. Instead, I stole Stanley for the weekend.

First, we helped make Thanksgiving dinner.
Then we went Black Friday shopping.
No, it is NOT 3am - it's about 9pm and we're on a movie hunt. We didn't find what we were looking for, but Stanley's first Black Friday experience was a pleasant one.Saturday we went to the beach.And Stanley met some friends.On Sunday, he watched some football.And what did Stanley do on Sunday? Well, he went
to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, of course! He met Mr. Olllivander,drank some butterbeer,met some visiting witches and wizards who came for the Triwizard Tournament,and went shopping at Zonko's joke shop.
(OK, is it ME or does this dude look like Mr. Weasley from the movies? I know the picture is bad, but he had the nose and everything.)Monday Stanley had dinner with some friends.
I took about 70 pictures with Stanley for my cousin's project and I'm hoping my sister in law will help my mom scrapbook them - I bought some supplies before I left, but I didn't have time to put the book together. I hope Liam has to do projects like this for school, Stanley will go visit Aunt Tami in London!


  1. Stanley is full of win and awesome. And I'm quite jealous that he got to go to see Harry.

  2. Damn... How lucky was Stanley!! Wish I could go flat and travel about...

    I bet Albert was thrilled... he's so lucky having a (fellow first cousin once removed..?) hahaaa! xo ajae