Friday, December 31, 2010

Make another journal, of course!

I've been trying to decide what I want to do about the Pam Carriker class I'm taking that starts this week. Since it's given by Strathmore, you'd think I should use one of their journals. BUT I don't have the one Pam is going to use, I only have Britsol ones (4 of them in various sizes...) and when Ajae sent me the one I'm now using for Manga, my first thought was "Yay, I'll use this for Pam's class!" but that was very quickly followed by "Heck no, I wanna draw in it TODAY, and it's my favorite paper, and I'm going to use it for Manga." Case closed. So (you needed those babbling thoughts, trust me) I've been trying to find them online because the only place around here where you can get them is in St. Paul which is about 20 minutes away and you have to park on the street which I'm not comfortable with so I always park at a grocery store and walk several blocks but it's 37 degrees and raining (this is not good because of the huge piles of snow that are going to melt and then freeze later, making the roads into an ice skating rink for your car) and I have Mini Me - who would not appreciate a sprint in the rain. And I realized the journals are kind of expensive for a class. I mean $14 is not so much for a journal, less than I pay for my beloved Moley, but what if I start playing the Pam Way and I hate it? Then the journal sits on a shelf for the next fifty years and Liam throws it away after I'm dead. I decided instead to make journals for me and for Kelly so we have something already done that we didn't spend any money on and that way if we hate it, we can just chuck it in the trash. (Yes, I often toss my art in the trash if I hate it. It's just how I roll.)

So, this is just file folders sewn together:I used patterned cardstock for the covers, just glued it onto the first and last folders.
Added some decorative tape to the bound edge.
And this is the backs! (Or fronts. No right or wrong here.)
I don't know why I took this picture of it open, but apparently I needed it, so I might as well show you. The pages are 10x7 inches. I'm thinking this is my "perfect" journal size. We'll see.


  1. You rock!!! Can't wait to play in our new journals!

  2. Juel, there's nothing to sew the pages in TO. I just stitched them together (coptic stitch) and then glued a piece of paper to the first page and the last page, stuck some tape on the edge and we're going to pretend they're covers.

  3. I have way too many partly used (pages torn out of) journals to buy yet another one and I think the one I chose is a Strathmore, though not a w/c journal. I couldn't get one where I live anyway. Glad to see your solution, Goog!

  4. Is there such a thing as too many journals? I can always but a new one!! I've just been wanting to work a little bigger so I'm going to make them from now on.