Sunday, December 26, 2010

Manga Practice

I'm really good at buying a bunch of books on a subject and studying it to death and not quite so good at actually putting things into practice. I keep saying that I want to draw my days as manga-style comics but I haven't really done anything about it. Haven't started, haven't done much except buy a few books on manga drawing. So the other day I did a couple of sketches following the directions in Manga For Dummies.

I liked these eyes best of the ones in the book because I want the lines around my eyes to CLOSE. I hate when they just have a short line at the top and bottom but the corners don't meet. But the eyelashes are so stupid! I'm going to try different eye styles because those lashes are just ridiculous, but at least they came out like they were supposed to!
Here are some faces. I like the first and third on each, but the middle ones look f-ing stupid! Lots more work to do.
I think the first step is to figure out who the characters in my pages are going to be, right? That's what I'm thinking, I need to draw my characters individually so I have something to look at when I'm working.This is me and Kelly drawing and making tomato sauce. :)

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