Saturday, December 4, 2010

Teesha Project

OK, I've been purposely NOT telling you this...I don't know why except I really feel like my ideas are mostly stupid and I don't want like putting myself out there. But I've been working on this for days and now I kinda want to post pictures. So, my thought is this - back in the day artists would study and mimick other artists, trying to capture their style EXACTLY. These days, we're all about "originality" and "doing our own thing". On that note, I had coffee, mini oreos, and mint M&M's for breakfast.

So, there are TONS of artists out there whose style I admire from afar, maybe attempt to make something kind of similar and fail and then tell myself they're more "talented" than I am and that I just can't do something like they can and blah, blah, blah. But really, they have just developed into their style. They practiced at it and worked at it and perfected it. There's no reason I can't do the same thing. I convinced Kelly to do it with me. The idea is to spend a month working in the style of each artist that we like (I have a list) and we're starting with Teesha Moore. I have tried several times to make journals in Teesha's style, but sort of making it my own and I've hated every single one. So instead I'm going to work like she says to. I'm using magazines (not scrapbook paper), I'm cutting up faces (not drawing them). I have Sharpie poster paints and PanPastels and Copic Markers. I didn't make my journal with Fabriano Artistico paper like she does, and I used the paints she hates because I like matte finish better than gloss or satin. Other than those small changes, I'm going to channel my inner Teesha.

This is the front:I've since added a bit of shading with PanPastel and plan to add the title "A Month Of Odd"

I really like this one

Using bottles as bodies seems fun to me, and she needed something else so I gave her wings.
This one's head is on backward - I love it!
Yes, that does say "goddess" - aren't we all?
I'm not sure if I'm having fun. It doesn't really seem like it. I don't get the satisfaction out of this kind of work that I do when I've drawn something, but it might be just that I'm not used to collage. (Kelly says I'm "collage retarded".) I wonder if this experiment is going to teach me that it can be more fun to admire someone's work from afar than to try and create it myself, no matter how much I love it? I mean, if these pages were straight out of Teesha's journals, would I like them because I'm not the one who created them? I'm not sure. The next step for these pages is pen work, and then lettering. I re-watched all of Teesha's YouTube videos and that's what she says to do - and she's the boss.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing them finished. I have 3 layouts waiting for me. One half done, the other two just paint and borders.

  2. I said WE were collage retards, not just you!! There's a big difference! I think these are coming out amazing. Inner critic needs to be sent on vacation :)