Sunday, September 18, 2011


I started school last week at ITT Technical Institute...

Are you surprised I kept it from you? I do have a tendency to blurt stuff out on here, but I was a little apprehensive about the whole school thing. I've gone to college before, after all, and it didn't exactly work out. I mean, my grades were fine, I get a little obsessed with studying, but I was never happy in school. I don't really like school, I don't like having to be somewhere at a certain time and sit with other people too close to my personal bubble, always interrupting my focus by unwrapping candy and clearing their throats and the buzzing of florescent lights...BUT I want more than the life I have now where we struggle to make ends meet, skip paying a bill if an emergency comes up and Liam needs to go to the doctor (which is really a PA at Target), only have one car so me and Liam are basically homebound...I want more for me AND for Liam. So, school it is. I'm good at graphic design stuff. I'm good at any computer program I've ever tried and understand basic coding. So my major is Visual Communication and I'll be done in two years. At the end of those two years I'll be able to work as a graphic designer AND I can continue at ITT for a Bachelor's Degree if I want to. If I DO continue, I'm aiming at a degree in Game Design. That's right, people, the next Halo could be designed by yours truly. Oh - and the above picture was taken for my friend Kelly. This way when I'm in class, she can picture me right there in that room and I'm not in limbo. I swear I'm not crazy, that all makes sense to both of us!! Well, I have a LOT of reading to get done for my science class before Tuesday, so I'm off. Hopefully I'll see you all at YSM if I can figure out the WiFi at school!


  1. Thanks for sharing about school, your family and your concerns with journaling. Your posts continue to inspire me even when I'm scrambling around trying to get through this moving business. Love what you're doing in your CTJ and looking forward to trying the tape making. I'll try to image you in class but so far my brain/energy is filled with getting movers to answer their cells...:)

  2. Hi, Cynthia! Silly movers, what else do they have to be doing?!?