Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things that should be on the ITT Tech commercials

This class is called Strategies for the Technical Professional and that is my group, about to see how far we can make a ping pong fall fly using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, a paperclip, a sandwich bag, and a mousetrap. (Five feet four inches, then it bounced off Andy's head.) I would love to know what the practical application of this would be in my role as a technical professional.

This class is called Survey of the Sciences and we're learning whether or not Andy can strip a wire with his teeth. (Yes, we had snips. Apparently this was supposed to be faster. And yes, this is the same Andy we clobbered with a ping pong ball the day before.)

Here we are trying to see how quickly an electromagnet can melt the rubber coating of a wire. The man in the glasses leaning away from the table is our teacher, Drew. He claims he's twenty-four.
And here are my detailed notes on the Doppler Effect:

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