Friday, September 2, 2011

Digi 101

This is the COOLEST kit. It's September's Collaboration at Ahhh Scrap and it's called "Digi 101" and instead of just papers and embellishments, it's also got templates and tutorials. The theme is based on the idea of just starting to digiscrap - so along with the kit you get some instructions and a couple of templates to get you started! I think it's brill. (That's British slang for "brilliant" - see, you learned something already!!)

This is Liam making dandelion wishes. We love dandelions and do our best to spread their loveliness. Weeds are just unloved flowers, after all, and since we love them, they're not weeds.

 This one is made with one of the templates and is the first in a series I'm going to make. Kelly and I are coming up on our anniversary of meeting and becoming friends, and I have a million pictures of us being crazy idiots and making huge messes and torturing our children as they torture us. So I'm going to make a little album and this it page one.

I love that these two pages came from the same kit but have completely different looks. One very "in your face" and one a little more elegant - if not for the pictures of eyeballs and ponytails...

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