Monday, September 12, 2011

You Suck Monday - Marbled Paper

I did NOT enjoy paper marbling. Sorry for all of you who love it, but I didn't like it at all. I watched a million YouTube videos and tried all of the techniques I saw. Here are the results:

Alcohol inks in water:

Food coloring in water:

Food coloring mixed with oil in water:

Alcohol inks dripped into shaving cream:

Food coloring in water:

Alcohol inks sprayed onto shaving cream:

So, the alcohol inks worked, but they seemed to eat at the shaving cream and they made very faint marks. The only one that was really successful was the food coloring in shaving cream. The colors are very vibrant and only smeared the way the did because I rinsed off the shaving cream with water.

This was an EXTREMELY messy, annoying process for very little payoff. Most of them were totally unsuccessful, and the ones that were successful are mostly extremely faint. There's also a lot of white in the background and I'm not a person who enjoys white space. The shaving cream was messy, the inks and food coloring stained the countertops even when I wiped them immediately. Not fun and I will not be doing it again.

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