Saturday, September 24, 2011

Evolution of a Dream Girl...

You saw this already:

Here is her little companion:

Birds sit on your head to dominate you :)

The spread:

A little watercolor (I'm not comfortable with watercolor so forgive me if the technique is horrible!):

A little drippy acrylic and some speckles:

Where to next?? I'm staying away from the face because Suzi says I need some workable fixative because she doesn't want me to smear the girl and I can't find any yet...


  1. She's beaut Googie ! and good luck @ your school too, you'll do well I'm sure. Sorry to have to miss a Lovely Dream, dollars are not on the tree at the mo, you're not the only cheapie :)

  2. hairspray will work... I used that on my pastel-work back in the day. Smudges a wee bit because the spray isn't as fine... So Suzi might get mad at me if you do that, so check with her first...

  3. Suzi would NOT get mad at you if I did something and it didn't work! I'd never tattle. Alas I don't have hairspray. I don't do the hair and/or make up thing. So if I have to buy something, I might as well just buy the fixative, since it's something I might use again and hairspray is not. I have to go to the art store anyway to get a portfolio for school - teach says it needs to be big enough to hold 11x17 stuff. Insanity, right?