Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Design Project

Stan (my VC100 teacher) said this project should be "portfolio ready" AND that I had to buy a portfolio. The project was to create a sports poster with implied motion (something blurry that conveys movement).

I'm EXTREMELY paranoid, so if you hate it, don't tell me, OK? I'm completely stressed about getting a good grade on my first project. Stan is very knowledgeable but he doesn't really "teach" us. He even saw this tonight when I was printing it on the plotter (that's a printer that can print enormous things like blueprints) and he didn't say it was terrible, so I have to assume it doesn't suck horribly. Oh, and I made twelve versions before deciding on this one!! Some of the rejects:


  1. It looks great Goog. I think you chose the right one. What is your assessment criteria?

  2. The criteria is basically to pick a sport and use pictures to imply motion. I know I have those things covered, I just really want an A :)