Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Every Labor Day weekend, I go to New York to see my family. They're the best, craziest, most amazing people. I love that there's not a single member of my family that's unlovable. You know what I mean? Some people hate their Aunt Harriet or Uncle Steven was a molester or Grandma and Grandpa's house smells like fish. Not a single one of us has ever been arrested, we don't do drugs, we're honest, taxing-paying Americans and we're FUN to hang out with. Here are the highlights:

Our first night, sleeping at my cousin Mer's in Sparta, NJ.

Liam & Joshua - they're second cousins who share a birthday, but Joshua is a year older.

My shmousin getting eyelash extensions:

Liam and Drew: second cousins

Me & my shmousin (Jeanine) at the house where we both lived with her parents:

My shmousins Jeanine and Coli (Nicole) doing karaoke at the party on Sunday:
We are the kind of people who disturb the neighbors but there are a couple of things you can do to NOT have the police called on you: First, have family members on the force (four uncles and three cousins). Second, INVITE THE NEIGHBORS TO THE PARTY. Then who's going to complain?? I'm sure you'll get sick of my pictures because I'm going to start scrapbooking them. I want to make an album for my aunt and uncle.

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