Friday, September 16, 2011

More CTJ

I've been kind of struggling with journaling for the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure why, but I'm determined not to give in to the urge to stop. I know if I do, I'm going to slip down into that horrible vat of Indigo and I don't want that. I'm determined to fight it any way I can, and for some reason these pages help me.

Doodling those cirlces and making them gray & white - helps. Adding a wash of expensive yellow paint in my 40 cent journal - helps.

Quinacridone magenta - ALWAYS helps. Doodling lips inside a heart - helps.

I put on tape. I made white dots. In the big scheme of things - I did nothing today. Didn't save the world. Didn't help anyone. No grocery shopping, no laundry. Does that mean my day was a waste? I read a book. Took a bath. Picked up dinner for my family at Wendy's. And I painted a little in my journal. Maybe a waste to some, but I'll go to bed tonight feeling not quite Indigo, and sometimes that's the best we get.


  1. Any of the quin colours rock my world, too! And sometimes, yep, that's the nest part of a day.