Monday, September 26, 2011

In the Dark

I'm so tired of being SICK! It's been over a month now and it's wearing on me. I'm tired of the grumpy indigo-ness that comes with being sick for so long. So when Kelly called and tried to get me to art, I did even though I didn't wanna! This is my "In the Dark" journal, the perfect place to work when I'm feeling like this.

Blah. AND today is You Suck Monday and I won't be there because I have class tonight. I know they don't need me there, but it's a little bit sad to know that you can be the co-founder of something and it can carry on completely without you. You are totally expendable. It makes me sad. Nine more weeks and maybe I'll have class on different nights. I think I'd like more of a MWF kind of thing. Or, even better, I'd like to have ALL the classes in ONE day. 13.5 hours of school all at once, then just studying and reading and homework for the rest of the week. I'm already frazzled because I still have three assignments to do for this week - and I've already done two that are due this week and started on one that's due next week. School is stressful!


  1. Lovely work in your journal, Goog! hang in there with school, you know the 9 weeks will zoom by... and I hope you are feeling MUCH better soon!