Friday, September 9, 2011

Play date!!

When you're giving a friend LATE birthday gifts, the least you can do is bring donuts, right?

And cupcakes (it was a celebration, after all)

So, when I said "Kelly, I'm getting you the BEST birthday present! You're going to LOVE IT!" She said "Is it a toilet paper holder? I need one of those." So, I went to Target and got her a toilet paper holder that sticks on the wall. 

And while I was there I saw this really fun notebook and special pen and got one for each of us (I need a partner in my silly antics) and today we played with them!

But HERE is the fun present!! I don't know why, but I was SO AMUSED with the idea of getting her this giant jar of our favorite color of paint: quinacridone magenta. She found it amusing, too - I knew she would!

Then we did a little shopping...

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  1. Oh what fun!!! You girls are so darn funny...I wish I did not live so far away....looks like a great time and I am glad Kelly liked the paint...and toilet paper holder! I think having a partner in crime makes things so much better. Love the shopping pics cute cute!

    Love, Twilight Sparklez