Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I already posted an angel with this quote, the journal page led to the painting and here she is all finished. I'm going to give her to a friend who has a heart of gold and seems to attract people who hurt and/or take advantage of her. I tried to take a pic and upload it straight from my phone with "mobile blogging" but it didn't work and my horrible computer doesn't recognize USB devices (yes, I know how to temporarily fix it, but really - how many times a day should it be necessary?) so I had to upload it to facebook and download it from there again.
The beeswax that I often use on paintings looks SUPER yellow on her for some reason. If it looks this bad tomorrow I'm going to reheat it on her face and wipe it off. Bleck.

On another note, a friend I've recently reconnected with on facebook called me today and we had a very amusing (to me) conversation about how she seems to attract crazy people. Apparently they hide it well for about a year, then LET IT OUT and start terrorizing her. The best part? That means I am NOT one of the crazies!! Who knew? See, people - I'm not as odd as you think I am!

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