Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bee girls all finished!!

OK, so they're drawn on Strathmore Bristol (smooth) paper. Outlined in Sharpie pen (no, of COURSE I didn't draw them in pen, I drew them in pencil and then inked and erased the pencil lines) and colored with Copic markers. I say COE-pick, even in my head. Some people say COP-ick. Whatever.
Same pic - without flash and with. Two of them have blue eyes an done has green. I don't have a lot of copic colors yet, they're EXPENSIVE, but I actually kind of enjoyed coloring them. After I did the first one and got all the frustration out, anyway. They're for trade, the red one will be going to Tal in Australia and the green background one to Kelly in St. Paul. (OK, I probably won't mail that one...would be funny if I did, though!) The one going to Kelly has her blue eyes and she has a little brown part on her right eye (left as you're looking at it) because Kelly has that! And on top of the hive is a little queen bee. Kelly likes the tilted ones because she said you can almost FEEL her tipping over but I want Kelly to have the balanced one because I feel like Kelly balances everything in her life very well. She is calm and patient, even when she doesn't think she is. I might add some words to them, but I'm not sure...opinions?


  1. I want them as wall art! Wow! Try some cut out words maybe. Or not. They seem quite luscious as is! Are the Merbees? lol

  2. these are really cute!! all 3 are socute.....


  3. Love your stylized faces. Great job!