Friday, October 15, 2010

Worried Mermaid Mommy

Headed to the hospital early this am with Mini Me. He was complaining of extreme pain on his right side. Hubby thinks appendix, but I think it's too high for that...the pain seems to be right below his right nipple. The doctors keep asking how long he's been sick and I keep telling them he WASN'T sick. This is last night:Yesterday he went to school, me and Hubby went to Parents' Day, he had school pictures, we ate lunch, he took a nap, we went to the park, he ate dinner, watched a movie, bedtime snack, and went to sleep. Hubby had to work for a couple of hours, I chatted online with my mermaids until about one am, and five hours later we're here:

You can't even fathom how horrible this is. This child has more energy than fifteen people put together. More than an entire high school track team. More than a cheerleading squad hyped up on Dr. Pepper. At least he's not in pain right this second.

We're officially admitted and got a special blue balloon. They're pretty sure it's pneumonia, but some of the tests aren't showing what they should and blah, blah, blah. The Dr. said we're "interesting". An interesting case, she said - just like Dr. House. The sharp pains are being attributed to pneumonia in his right lung, the cough he's had since August (maybe July?) is a whole separate issue, apparently, and they're all surprised that he hasn't been SICK at all in the past couple of days.
The miracle of modern medicine. This is Mini only thirteen hours after we brought him to the ER:
Needless today, the antibiotics are WORKING! :)

He asked to play with my phone (he loves iPhones) and his favorite thing to do is take pictures. Usually they're just of his finger or a little bit of whatever he's trying to take a picture of, but this isn't a bad one. I look horrible, but look at the photography skills of a three-year-old with pneumonia!
Suzi says that "being an artist" is about keeping the pencil moving, so I figured I would. (Plus, hospitals are BORING.)
Endless updating, I know.


  1. Geez, just thought to look here. Geez.

  2. Love your lady. Great 3/4. So please that your wee man is now home and happy.