Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tie bags...

OK, so these two lovely ladies that I met one day at the play area decided that they would market my tie bags for me when they go to a craft fair on November 6. I think it's an AMAZING idea, but the INSTANT something turns from "I like to" into "I have to", I don't want to. So I haven't been really motivated to WORK on the tie bags. Then, I was planning to spend a couple of days doing nothing but tie bags when Tim was off last weekend - but we were in the hospital with Mini instead. So I've only gotten a little bit done, but I'll probably have these two bags finished by tomorrow. I'm thinking I'd like to make five in time for the show. If they actually sell, then I'm going to start hunting for ties again. I used most of the really fun ones on bags for friends and family, so I have HUNDREDS of sort of ugly ones...but I'm going to sew them into bag anyway. People carry LOTS of bags that I think are horribly ugly. Anyway, here's my progress...

That's my couch in the background. I looks (and feels) like an old pair of blue jeans! :)


  1. go googie go googie get your tie on!

    how fun... i wanna meet two mommies who want to market my GOODS... of course then i would have to decide on a direction and that would make me all antsy and oh... you know...


  2. I'll throw the few I got in the mail asap!