Saturday, October 16, 2010


Feeling a MILLION times better! Those strange little creatures next to him are his "blankie friends" named Squishy, Fat, and Fake. Squishy is his favorite and he never leaves home without her. We got to the hospital in pjs and slippers, but I made sure Squishy was with us! Daddy brought the others from home.Talked to a couple of surgeons who've both said it's NOT his appendix. No way, no how. I'm SUPER happy about that because I think explaining to a three-year-old that he's going to be cut open and have something ripped out of his guts that he doesn't really need would be a LITTLE difficult. So far word is that we're staying for a couple more days...

This made him sad, he doesn't like the sound of the machine, but the RT said it helped with whatever's going on in there! And we're getting a prescription for the machine so we can do it at home with him. Look how cute his little mask is!
We're sprung! Three prescriptions to fill and one nebulizer shaped like a penguin are coming with us and we're out of here!
One Happy Meal and a visit from his favorite Uncle Sean, and Mini is down for the night. People keep asking me if I'm OK but isn't that a silly question? As long as Mini Me is OK, I'm completely fine. Tired, yes. Worried about not having health insurance, yes. But how do I FEEL? My little boy is home and he's going to be fine. There's no better news I could even imagine.


  1. Oooh, I hope your little one is feeling better! I have similar pictures of my Kendra - she suffers from Asthma and uses one of those machines 2x/day. She just turned 5, but we have had our share of hospital visits. Glad to hear he's home. What a beautiful family, Kristin xo

  2. Wow. Love the photos and the super happy ending! Yay! (((((MINI))))))