Monday, October 25, 2010


OK, so I don't know what makes me drag my feet about these things, but I haven't put any mermaids on wood yet. I have two in my journal and five in my sketchbook but I just haven't done anything with them. But my new friend Tal gave me a deadline. First mermaid done my this Friday. She isn't finished, but I'm pretty excited about the THOUGHT of her being finished that I'm posting the in-progress pics.

Here she is all shaded in, waiting to be collaged onto her background.
Here is a previously prepared background that has been laying around for several months, just waiting for someone to be collaged onto it.

I added a little more's kind of glare-y, huh? No flash with these, it's just shiny from the overhead light.
Stuck her down and checked carefully for any air bubbles... Stamped a little with some bubble wrap and a BIG flower stamp. Now she's drying on the table and I'm ignoring her until tomorrow, otherwise I'm likely to ruin the happy that's going on right now. Oh, and she's purple. Her tail and top are purple. I'm not sure why she looks so pink!


  1. She's beautiful! And I love your little angles below. . . You have such a sweet style that I love - can't wait to see your WIllow page too - thanks for your kind comment, it's great getting to know you, xo

  2. She is great Goog. Can't wait to see more...